Sunday, May 27, 2012

An update!

I'm sorry I've been kind of MIA lately. I've been busy with work and when I do have time off, I go out with my friends. We've been going out every weekend, spending the day out in the mountains and on the beach. It's been nice.

I haven't done much with my dolls recently, but I'm not out of the hobby or anything. I'm hoping to take some photos within the next couple of days. I have some time off on Monday and Tuesday this week so I wanted to use that free time to do some doll related things. ^_^

And for those of you who follow my Youtube account. I will try my very best to make a video soon. I feel awful that I just kind of disappeared from my channel for so long. I won't be able to make all the clothing videos I said I would be making, but I will let you know what is going on with that in my next update video. Be on the look out for that soon~

In short, expect some updates soon!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Blog - Café Fraise

I've opened a new blog!
Please check it out. I will be posting random things such as interesting places and shops I find, cute things I've bought, and so on. ^_^

Café Fraise

I'm aware that I have a lolita blog already, but I will be posting any clothing items I buy on this new blog from now on. The reason for this change is that I've moved away from lolita to focus on other styles for the time being. I'll keep my lolita blog up, but I probably won't be posting in it any longer.

Anyway, if you're interested in seeing non-doll related ramblings, feel free to follow my new blog~

Monday, May 7, 2012

More Attention

In order to give Saiya more attention, I've decided he gets the extra body for a while. So no Hime spam for a few months, unless I can somehow get the money in that time to get Hime his own body. xD

I always feel bad neglecting Saiya because I do love this sweetie to bits. Plus, he was my second doll ever. I have had thoughts about selling him because I never did anything with him, but I could never bring myself to do so. Instead, I'd rather spend more time on him to make him exactly the way I want him to be. He is almost there. He has the face-up, the wig, some clothes (although not enough, but then again, it's never enough for me, lol). All he needs are the right eyes and a body. He always got overshadowed by Kouhei and then Hime when I got him. And being one of my older dolls, there is no excuse for him to be unfinished still. I've had him for maybe four or five years now, and his progress has been so slow. o_o

Things need to change!

So here are some other photos that go along with my last post~ These are brand new photos I took of him over the weekend. ^_^

Mr. Sweetheart

Guess who? ^_^

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I thought I would share a recent obsession of mine. When I say recent, I mean since I moved to Japan. That obsession is Arupakasso. They are cute alpaca plushies here in Japan. They were made for claw machines in arcades so they are pretty hard to find. But there are a couple shops here and there that will sell them. Although I waste a lot of money trying to get them out of claw machines too, lol. xD

I have three at the moment. You may have seen one in a previous post, but I'll post him here again~

This guy is Aiba (and there is Domo down in the corner, haha). He was my very first Arupakasso. I plan on getting the other pastel colored plain ones like him and naming them Ono, Sakurai, Ninomiya and MatsuJun.

Much like bjds, once you have one, you eventually want more. I have two other ones that I got recently. You can see photos of them below. The pink one is Cherry and the lavender one is Berry. I had to get the one with glasses because I love glasses, plus she has a cute little bow on her head. And the lavender one has a cute little strawberry decoration on her head. It was just too cute. Cute is the only way I can describe them, lol!

There will be more. I have no doubts about that. But they get a bit expensive whether you buy them from a shop or try your luck at the claw machines. No matter what, you're going to pay a pretty hefty chunk of change for each one. This is why I never have any money for my dolls. xP