Friday, March 30, 2012

Best Friends

Hana has a new friend! His name is Aiba, and he is my new Arupakasso.
She loves anything fluffy and pink. xD

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Kouhei Time!

I bring Kouhei photos!
This blog has been flooded with Natsuki and Re-Ment items, I thought it was about time to show off some of the other boys. xD

I also bought more Re-Ment which I will share with you guys later. I know you're probably tired of seeing them, but they are just so cute!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

BJD Vlog #15

I posted a new video on Youtube! In this video, I show off Natsuki, show off my Re-Ment items, and talk about future doll plans.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Re-Ment

I'll be honest, the past week I've been so lazy. I haven't felt like doing much of anything, and that means updating my blogs. xD

For lack of BJD news, I'm posting more Re-Ment things. I was cleaning up my apartment today, and I found some of the Re-Ment stuff I had bought a while back. Before I got my Yo-SD, I kind of bought Re-Ment on impulse because it's just too cute. Plus, they have a lot of Rirakkuma sets, and I adore Rirakkuma! Of course, all the sets I found in my apartment were all Rirakkuma. That wasn't on purpose, I promise you that, lol. They just happen to have some of the cutest things, in my opinion~ ^_^

That about it!

Unfortunately, Natsuki still doesn't have any clothing. I was going to go to a doll convention today, but I was far too tired for working all week (and Saturday) that I decided to stay inside. I also haven't had a chance to run to Tokyo to visit some doll shops. I probably won't until the end of the month. I'm going to Tokyo to see a friend before she leaves for the States, so I figure I can stop by some doll shops while I'm already there. I promise he will have clothing soon...hopefully. xD

Monday, March 5, 2012

Re-Ment ~ Rirakkuma Cafe Series

Last Friday, I went to Chiba City to deal with some visa stuff. While there, I decided to head to LOFT which usually had a nice selection of Re-Ment. Of course, I didn't leave empty-handed. xD

I love the new Cafe series for Rirakkuma, and when I saw the Re-Ment items out for that series, I just had to get something.

Here is what I got. I decided on getting two of the random boxes and then of course, I got the table and chairs.

The table and chairs are just adorable, and a good size for Yo-SD. At least, it makes a good kiddy table for them (it is a bit small but it still fits them pretty well). My boy is kindergartener so it will be his play table. ^_^

I'm very happy with the items that came in the random boxes as well. Here is Uzu modeling the table with all the goodies on it! I got the coffee set with the cafe menu sign as well as another coffee set that includes cream and sugar (and the little rirakkuma statue). One thing I love about Re-Ment is how detailed it can be. Although at the same time, the small pieces drive me nuts. I always get freaked out that I'll lose them. If you look at the little sugar jar in the photos, the top, jar and sugar crystals are all separate pieces. I dropped it when I was putting it down after taking photos, and I almost lost those little sugar balls. xD; The little coffee cups are super cute as well, and the coffee part comes out so you can switch what kind of coffee you have in each cup (it looks like plain black coffee and a coffee with cream with what is supposed to looks like coffee foam art of rirakkuma).

Anyway, I love the sets. I want to get a few more of the random boxes from this series to get the rest of the items!

Oh I forgot to mention, the table also came with little cardboard table covers/cloths so you can change the color and picture on the table top. There are three different options I believe. Sorry I don't have photos of that part.

So yay for Re-Ment! I have more of then in one of the cabinets in my apartment that I bought when I first moved. I need to take those out to put somewhere because I almost forgot about them. xD

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Doll Wishlist

I thought I would make a wishlist of all the dolls I want. Now, if I actually ever get around to buying them all is another thing, lol. xD

I have expensive tastes in everything, unfortunately, not just this hobby. *dies*

These are in no particular order. It's the order that the blog put it in when I uploaded the icons, haha.
Starting from the top row and working our way down (left to right):
  • Volks SDGr Masamune Date
  • Volks SchA
  • Volks SD10 Michele
  • Volks YoSD Kanon
  • Volks YoSD Chika
  • Volks SD17 Genji Hikaru
  • Volks SD13 Tsuyoshi Maki
  • Volks SD13 Okita Souji
  • Volks SD13 Madoka
  • Volks YoSD Piccolo
  • Volks YoSD Ayumu  
I also have Unoa Lusis on my wishlist. There are so many, lol. But they all fit characters I have in my story. My problem is that I love creating characters. This is years worth of characters or at least main characters I have in mind. xD